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Not great, shrunk and tore a little at the elastic when trying to place on the mattress for the first time but is okay for the price
Donald Tabone
This is a very nice cabinet for the money. The wood finish looks very nice. It seems to be built well with nice clasps on the door. It arrived packed very well and safe for transit. I am looking forward to getting mine loaded up and placed on the wall. If you have something that you would like to display I would recommend this shadow box. Everything you need is included even the picture hanger on the back of the box.
Anas Elbanna
I have ordered many Chinese "off-brand" cycling jerseys from Amazon with Asian sizing and they all fit as expected when ordering one size up as recommended. I do like tighter fitting jerseys, so for me a XL fits like a L. If you like looser fitting jerseys consider going up 2 sizes.
I ride six days a week, year round, including winters, between 25 and 35 miles per day on average and all my Chinese jerseys like Arsuxeo, Nuckily, Wosawe, Santic, etc have all held up fine (going on 2 years now for some) and are plenty durable, breathable, comfortable, etc.
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